About Us


What is HCI Care Tools

HCI Care Tools is an online shop for healthcare providers to purchase evidence based documentation as the need arises.

HCI Care tools supplies Nursing Homes with Evidence Based Policies and Procedures, Records and Forms and Governance Templates which are in line with HIQA residential Standards and Best Practice.

Since 2005, HCI has been transforming quality and patient safety and regulatory compliance through professional services and digital transformation. We have worked with national and international health and social care organisations across the private, public and social sectors, with the ultimate goal of improving patient safety.

HCI have a dedicated Research and Development Team who ensure that all documentation provided by HCI is developed in line with the applicable standards, are evidence based, effective and applicable to requirements. HCI's Research and Development Team comprises of regulatory, quality and risk professionals from varied healthcare and professional backgrounds, including quality and safety in healthcare, clinical care, project management and social science.

HCI is a trusted partner in healthcare – our strong reputation is built upon exceptional client service, the quality of our team members and our commitment to improving outcomes for service users.

Regulation and Accreditation

Quality Policy

To provide solutions that respond to the needs of our clients, HCI is dedicated to using motivated, qualified staff and implementing an effective Quality and Safety Management System throughout the organisation, which is developed in compliance with ISO9001:2015 and emphasises the continuous quality improvement methodology.

Our commitment is to:

  1. Provide customers with a first class, highly focused response and actions at every point of contact.
  2. Understand our client's organisation, its consumers and requirements, and then tailor solutions and services in line with these.
  3. Enable our clients to understand the implications of their resource investments to their service and patients/clients.
  4. Provide services and products which have a value added impact to the care and service our clients provide.
  5. Maximise the benefits of all quality and safety systems development to our clients and ultimately the patient.
  6. Actively pursue a research base in relation to all current developments in the areas of quality, safety and patient involvement to ensure the best client resource.
  7. Monitor customer satisfaction levels to adjust and improve our approaches.
  8. Continuously strive to provide a better and more comprehensive service.

HCI shall communicate this Quality Policy, and the organisational objectives required to achieve this policy, throughout the organisation so that employees can understand and strive to fulfil the requisite commitments.



Our mission is to transform how providers of health and social care make intelligence driven decisions to attain, manage and improve quality, safety and regulatory compliance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term partnerships with clients by taking the time to develop a deep understanding of their service. Combined with our extensive regulatory, patient safety, quality improvement and digital transformation systems knowledge, this understanding allows us to support our clients in building successful and sustainable organisations that meet regulatory compliance and implement best practice in care services.